意思 意大利建筑设计公司

in Chinese 意 (yi) is the first character for Italy and 思 (si) is the character that means logic, the way to do things. Together 意思 (yisi) they mean 'meaning' but also the Italian way to do things.

We are an international architectural company based in Beijing. During our long practice, in Europe first and in China since 2013, we've faced every project as a unique occasion to create beauty. From commercial spaces to offices, from residential to retail, no matter the subject, we've always tried our best to tell stories more than just building buildings.

We are those kind of architects who strongly believe that architecture has a special task in our society. Architecture is a social art indeed, and creativity is worth no more than social responsibility.

As well as extraordinary beauty, in facts, there is a standard beauty that must be guaranteed to everyone and we believe that architects could contribute to help nature in making our world beautiful and create beautiful environment for human beings. Architects should go further beyond than creating new extravagant objects that fill the space we live.



I am passionate architect practicing since 2002 as first in Milan and then in Beijing. During this time I faced all the phases of projects at all scales, from interior private residence to commercial big shopping malls, outlet and cultural building, designing architecture and interiors. 

During my practice in Italy I designed public projects, residential buildings, luxury apartments, fashion and chain stores.
After coming to China I've been involved in designing wineries, shopping malls, outlets and retails spaces for Italian luxury fashion brands.

I have strong experience in working supervising for all kind of projects.
Especially skilled in defining interior spaces, I try to offer people interior experiences more than simple spaces. I'm convinced that architecture is first made for people who will live in there and I believe that a beautiful skin is just a reflection of a beautiful inside core.

The attention to the details has been the key word of my career. Even the biggest ideas are all made of small details.

In my design, style has never a predefined role. In every situation the right design is made by the matching between style and contest overall in interior design. Traditional style, contemporary style are both worthy to be used according to the situation and the clients wishes.

Fabrizio 意大利意思建筑设计亚太地区创始人
有14年的设计经验,毕业于米兰.毕业前在法国多次进修建筑设计. 毕业后一直在米兰从事了建筑设计和室内设计工作,从大型建筑到小型专卖店。私人住宅,大商场,专卖店,奥特莱斯项目,文化建筑的设计建筑和室内设计。